A letter from Marie – PPS presentation attendee

I am Marie Jose Jeannin, the lady who told you I had lived in Ouagadougou in 1965.

I enjoyed very much your presentation : you described how your feelings were when you arrived in your remote destination and how the local population accepted you.

That was 20 year after my arrival in Upper Volta, a young woman alone who tried, without Governmental support, to help the population (to whom I sold medicine at an incredible high price) but also to whom I would give away the samples the labs would give me.

My late husband felt exactly the same sentiments as yours vis-a-vis the rural population he would visit to know their needs of clean water and to implement projects accordingly. Like you, he spent the rest of his life for projects in Africa.

He had felt the same sentiments of solitude and powerlessness when he arrived in Ouaga and he shared his sentiments with me, the beginning of our encounter. In describing your own feelings, you made me revive the most interesting period of my life.

I don’t know how to express my gratitude for having come to the Senior Center, and mainly for your fantastic action!

I wish you an ever bigger success in your enterprise.


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